Relieve hot flushes instantly

Soothe your hot flushes with Athana naturally through cold or ether you are

A natural ice cube at your fingertips

Drug-free, hormone-free

Athana uses cryotherapy, or cold wellness. A natural, chemical-free and odorless alternative.

Anywhere, anytime

In the office, at home or out and about, use Athana to relieve your daily hot flushes.

Long autonomy

The device's battery recharges via USB-C, 40 min of recharging to relieve 20 hot flushes.

The Athana device

Instant relief from hot flushes with cryotherapy


Athana presented on M6!

JT 19:45 - October 21, 2023

How does it work?

Step 1:

Start up the Athana :

Press the button on the appliance to start cooling and set your preferred temperature between 5 and 10C°.

Step 2:

Place Athana on a heat-sensitive area

We recommend applying the cold part to the neck, chest, wrists or face.

Step 3:

Feel the cold soothe you

In just a few seconds, your hot flushes, night sweats and redness subside.

Discover Athana on video

Find out all about the Athana device in our Ulule pre-order campaign video!

The mobile app

To make your experience with the product easier, we've also designed a 100% stand-alone, free application that can be used with or without the Athana box.

Control the temperature to suit your preferences.

Then get analyses of the number of hot flushes over a given period.

Customer reviews

They tested it, loved it and adopted it!
Satisfied users!

They tested it, loved it and adopted it!

Really soothing


Athana pleasantly surprised me with its refreshing effect during viva Tech. It was unexpected and really soothing.

Very comfortable


I went to the Pépite event and tried Athana with my husband. I definitely plan to pre-order it to improve our comfort.

Really impressive


At IFA, I was impressed by Athana. It looks promising, and I intend to pre-order it to help me feel better.

Award-winning technology


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The Athana device